Mike Hoddy’s boat

October 24th, 2002

My good friend Mike Hoddy has decided that he’s going to live in a long boat after he completes his wrold tour. Good luck to him I say. That’s where Branson started!


8 Responses to “Mike Hoddy’s boat”

  1. mike hoddy

    Hi! My name is mike hoddy in scottsdale arizona. I`m just writing you because I have look all over the net and have never seen another mike hoddy. There is realy not alot of hoddys out there. Just thought it would interest you.

  2. mike hoddy

    No, my name is the real mike hoddy and i’m standing up! I live in Padbury, Buckinghamshire and did not ,as yet, buy a boat, however nor have I toured the world. That is not to say that I won’t be touring the world. When I do I’ll be on the look out for any so called ‘mike hoddy’ wannabes!

  3. joshua hoddy

    im a joshua hoddy from the uk, im a part time porn star

  4. andyhoddy

    josh is my sweedish bro we make porn shows together every week,ure welocome to join us!

  5. Guy

    Really guys, I couldn’t be more pleased for you.

  6. andyhoddy

    ur welcome to come and join us guy, we’re very proffesional!

  7. Guy

    I’ll be in touch.

  8. joshua hoddy

    if u contact me on this email address we can set something up 4 u 2 be in a adult movie with me. thats if u dont mind being a gay adult star