Messing about with Movable Type

October 28th, 2002

Some of you might be wondering why, after banging on about the fact that I’ve got Movable Type running I haven’t yet implemented it on the home page of this site. Well, after many stalled starts with GuyWeb I’ve learnt that patience really is a virtue. The new content management system is in beta. Those of you who know abou this page will be treated to frequent updates. Everybody else will get the usual daily/bi-daily updates until I’ve totally customised the interface.

I’ve discovered that there are loads of templates to customize. Bits and bobs to include or ignor and a few little quirks to get my head around. I anticipate launching the system with a slightly polished front end sometime in November. The best things, as they say, come to those who wait.


One Response to “Messing about with Movable Type”

  1. kontaktlinsen

    nice pic in the head of your blog – is that yours?