Here goes nothing..

October 31st, 2002

OK, We’re live. Now it’s up to you guys to tell me that things aint looking right. I haven’t had a chance to test this design in IE5.5/PC, Opera, IEMac yet. I have tested it on NS4, IE6 and Mozilla 1 on PC. Looks rosey on all but NS4 where there’s no design at all. Not a problem, I’m going to work on a style sheet specificaly to give NS4 users some semblance of design.

There are a few inconsistencies for me to worry about: some files are .htm some are .html – a legacy from my Dreamweaver days. I’m aiming to name everything .html but this will take time and links will be broken. The archives just about work and I’ve called them ‘The Vault’ – well, it is halloween isn’t it?

Now, if thing’s arn’t looking quite right your end please let me know. This system is new to me and I’m just about getting with the program. No spell checker any more so I’m gonna have to be more watchful over my prose. Now, back to the issues..