The National ‘Music’ Awards

November 1st, 2002

So, last night ITV 1 treated us to The National Music Awards. For ‘Music’, read ‘manufactured pop tat’. This shameless music industry exec back-slap hosted by Martine McClutchen wheeled out z-list celebs such as Michael Grecko to hand out awards. Gary Lucy (of Hollyoaks ‘fame’) awarded The Simpsons ‘Best TV music’ award. Of course they’re far too important to care about (or collect) such a pointless award and Lucy walked of with it himself after looking insanely uncomfortable. Kylie won an award, she didn’t turn up either. The biggest surprises were Will Young winning ‘Best Male’ singer and Gareth Gates getting ‘Most edible bachelor’ or something like that. Needless to say the NMA’s are a completely pointless load of cack that nobody who seriously enjoys music will enjoy. However, the same people who watch The National Soap awards will lap it up.


19 Responses to “The National ‘Music’ Awards”

  1. Stephen

    Down with Cowell and Waterman!

  2. Guy

    ..and Blue, Gareth, Will and all the other manufactured pap that exists today. Now, Gareth is in fear of not getting to number 1 in the album charts next week. So he’s doing some emergency publicity. Wouldn’t want to miss out on the top spot to somebody who actually has a little credibility (David Gray) now, would we?

  3. lauren

    hi my name is lauren adn i was wondering about the national music awards for 2003, i want to go,and i was wondering if you knew what dates its on not on tv but the recording, email me bck plz lauren xx x

  4. Pamela

    Yeh! i want 2 know about the NMA’s 2003, even a web address or sumthing where we can get the details from, thanx!

  5. Guy

    Sorry, I have no idea when it is on. Your best bet will be to email ITV as they will probably have a little more info.

  6. lauren

    thanx i will enail them , is it asny gd to go to , x x x

  7. Lisa

    When is the NMA on tv, or ave i missed it already? thanxxxx

  8. louise

    It hasn’t been on it’s on one the 26th of october it the day after my Birthday and i’d really like tickets.

  9. Laura

    Will Young deserved his awards! He is much better than Gareth etc. Least he always sings live!

  10. HaRmZ

    I really really need 2 know the date and venue of the national music awards 2003, any ideas? I wanna go really badly, will there be tickets on sale?
    GO GARETH!!I really hope he wins something this year!!
    Harmz xx

  11. shaz

    The Nma’s are on the 26th of October and I is going with 10 mates. But no tickets for sale ofr it. sorry. It’s in hammersmith!!!!

  12. shaz

    The Nma’s are on the 26th of October and I is going with 10 mates. But no tickets for sale for it. sorry. It’s in hammersmith!!!!

  13. Orla Smith

    Does anyone know who is appearing ??

  14. J-Anne

    My friend has just told me I can have her two tickets but I don’t want to go as I’m really not into Will, Gareth etc. If anyone can get to Wiltshire Saturday night to pick up the tickets (or early SundaY) then I am willing to let you have them).

  15. Georgia

    hi! yeah i’d love the tickets! how can i get to wiltshire to pick them up?

  16. Nikki

    Hi all, im well gutted, because my mums mate got 2 free tickets, so my mum and her mate r going on sunday! and there isnt another ticket for me to go, so im really gutted!

  17. Alex Hodgetts

    what a load of codswollop it was.
    crappiest music award show ever.
    oh its ozzy ‘fake’ ozbourne.
    the only good thing about was that coldplay won. but why the hell was the bee gees nominated. could they not think of ne other bands or groups idiots.

  18. Kris

    What in the hell was that sham all about last night, if the winners really were (and i doubt it) picked by the british public then i am ashamed to be british! Is it just me or were the only ‘musicians’ in attendance winners of those jumped up kareoke competitions? It was kind of amusing when pretty much most of the winners weren’t actually there because they had a little more respect for themselves, except Gareth Gates who lets face it will accept just about anything on offer these days! And just to sum up, i think the whole event was summed up when they shamelessly allowed Those jumped up students (coldplay and whatever that d**kheads name is from the streets) to openly take the p**s instead of turn up for the award. Put it all on VHS and sell it for £1.99 in the comedy section!

  19. Zena

    I dont know wot u lot r all moaning about…BUSTED were there!!!! What more could u ask for!!!! They r georgeous and talented, i reckon it was brill!!!! xXx