Head ache

November 3rd, 2002

Thanks to Ralf, Jaquie, Jordan, Tina, Pete, Suthy and Mr Deans for making yesterday such a fab birthday. We kicked off with a couple of games of bowling at Leisureworld in Southampton. I managed a respectable 118 on the first game but a miserable 66 on the second. I suspect the rapid intake of alcohol had something to do with it.

The evening was spent in hip bohemian venue The Talking Heads guzzling strange cocktail concoctions courtesy of the Deans. Managed to sweat most of the alcohol out through highly addictive samba dancing and Deans ended the evening in a worse state than me. Might have had something to do with Suthy melting wax into Deans’ pint.

Now we head back to the suburban sprawl of Milton Keynes where Helen will enter a week of CIPD examinations and I will enjoy the complete first series of The Office on DVD followed by The Lord of The Rings. Splendid!