Wrapper’s delight

November 6th, 2002

Having received a number of recent releases for my birthday I’ve decided to share my thoughts on them with you. Arn’t I nice? So, I’ll be posting a number of “reviews” as and when the urge takes me. You will be fortunate enough to read them a fraction of a second before I let them loose on

I have thought of “reviewing” (maybe I’ll dispense with the ironic quote marks now) every item I was given, but, what exactly can you write about a furry hedgehog with the letter G on its belly? Inspired choice? A definite quality item, sure, but as I know nothing of modern fabrics or stuffing techniques, I’m hardly in a position to comment. Instead, I shall focus on the areas I do know: Music (CD) and Film DVD). By reading about these things, I feel, you’ll gain a more rounder picture of who Guy Carberry is. Oh do stop it..