The Office DVD

November 7th, 2002

So here it is, the first of my birthday item reviews. After becoming totally addicted to The Office I managed to tape the whole first series as it was repeated on UK Play before the channel ceased to be this September. I’ll save a whinge on the demise of the greatest digital channel for another time.

For anybody who has been cocooned up for the last two years, The Office is a comedy filmed in documentary style featuring a tragic boss (David Brent played by Ricky Gervais) that anybody who has worked in a commercial office will recognise. We laugh as his ineptitude, cringe at his poor jokes and terrible management style. First time round you could be convinced that this programme is a real documentary filmed in a real office. Such is the mastery behind it. Gervais and Merchant have clearly done their research as even subtle office moments – the endless photocopying, people not saying very much etc. are included.

The Office DVD for series one couldn’t be better. Six classic episodes including the one where Tim hides Gareth’s stapler in a jelly, the one where they all go out to the nightclub, the pub quiz one and the one where Tim gets a missive inflatable cock for his birthday. You can watch them in sequence or pick an episode at a time. The bonus features include a documentary on the programme featuring Ricky Gervais and director Stephen Merchant. It’s all highly amusing stuff and is in constant rotation in my DVD player. I’d give this five out of five. I can only implore you to buy it. Get it now, go on.


4 Responses to “The Office DVD”

  1. Narin


    I’ve become a regular visitor here after seeing the URL on your posts on the CCN messageboard – and since the asp database has ground to a complete halt while I’m trying to update the Rugby site (Stephen, you listening?!) I thought I’d reply to your review.

    Don’t get excited if you’re looking for anything profound though – I just wanted to say I agree totally with The Office review. My copy of the DVD arrived on Friday and I spent the weekend watching the whole thing (twice)! Good stuff indeed – and brings back memories of working in a call centre at a cable company that shall remain nameless…

    One thing though – didn’t you think in the documentary Ricky Gervais seemed scarily like David Brent in real life? Is this post-post-modern irony (maaan) or life imitating art?

    On another matter, personally I am sad at missing out at the hedgehog review. I had been planning on purchasing a similar item (with an N) but was unsure to the optimum stuffing quotient 😉

  2. Shay

    Step away from the cookie Jar!

  3. shay

    Step away from the Cookie Jar!

  4. Guy

    I think we all know bosses who remind us of David Brent. You are right, Ricky Gervais is actually David Brent. This is further supported by the DVD documentary where he says he’s never had an acting lesson in his life. He aint acting..

    Glad to have you onboard Narin. I used to work for CCN as little as seven months ago. It was a good laff and there’s more than a few David Brents working for that particular organisation!

    The cookie jar that Seamus is referring to is from the ONLY episode I haven’t seen – episode 1, series 2. Many a reference has been made to this undoubtedly hilarious installment. I can but wait for the repeats.