Wrecking the health kick

November 7th, 2002

These days I’m leading a relatively healthy life. In fact the picture on the home page of this site (the one where my head waggles around manically for a few seconds) is a little unrepresentative of my current form. Indeed a chin has been lost. Luckily you can’t see the belly, but that’s being worked on too. I’m consuming far less alcohol than I have been over the last eight years of my life and my culinary expertise has grown with my ‘adjusted’ diet.

However, there is one little cretin that plots to wreck the new, improved guy: streaky bacon flavour Walkers Crisps – an unbelievably morish snack that’s readily available at the Open University shop. Each time I pop in for my daily papers (Guardian and Sun) I can’t resist buying a packet of these 101 cals per packet ‘light’ snacks. As long as they remain my only edible vice..