2 car family

November 8th, 2002

Helen and I are now a two car family. Wahay! After all the problems we had with the Punto at T&H Motors, we decided we’d put the thing into Fiat for an overhaul. There are a few things that need doing: The dodgy bodged job exhaust still doesn’t sound right and needs fixing, the passenger wing mirror doesn’t work properly anymore – now we must wind down the window and brave the elements to re-align the thing. Milton Keynes roundabout driving has managed to completely mangle the tracking that to let go of the steering wheel would certainly result in death or major injury. So our poor old (I say old, it’s only two years old which, to me, is new) Fiat Punto 1.2 Astral Blue Mia must go in for some much needed love and attention.

Of course, Milton Keynes being Milton Keynes, it’s not as simple as relying on busses or taxis to get you to work. You can’t. Busses are so infrequent it’s a joke and taxis couldn’t give two shits if you get to work on time and then charge you a fortune for the privilege of their crazy death-defying driving. So we really had to buy a new car (I say new, but it was made in 1997,so it’s actually old by today’s standards) – a simple Renault Clio 1.2, black, no power steering but hefty quality sound system. For the first time in my life I have a CD player in the car. This might not mean a great deal to you, but to me this is fab. Drove in this morning spinning the new Moby album 18 (review to follow) and felt like such a cool dude. All this fun for just £2,400 and group 2 insurance.

In a years time I plan to own a mini (classic Cooper, not new monstrosity that is hardly mini!). “Why all the small cars? You’re a highly paid web designer?” well, yes, good question. I like small cars and they cost little to run and are, apparently, better for the environment. One day I will own something bigger but, for now, I’ll enjoy what remains of my youth.