Anagram of alan?

November 12th, 2002

Not entirely sure of what I made of last night’s new episode of I’m Alan Partridge. Gone is the travel tavern and the amusing staff (save for the geordie who now works in the petrol station), gone is the endless grovelling for a second series and surreal lap dancing. Instead, we have a much more confident and ‘cool’ Alan. He seems to have had some sort of breakdown and has re-entered childhood. This was emphasised by his talk at his old school and getting his own back on an old school enemy. The bit where Alan was a ‘fat Alan’ was funny but seemed out of place. Alan seems too ‘in on the joke’ this time around. Teething problems, I hope but by 10:15 last night I was pining for The Office.

Speaking of The Office, Gareth has now built his own web site. Some classic Brent moments have also been highlighted in a new feature called ‘David Brent, Rennaisance Man‘.