First Strike

November 13th, 2002

At 6pm tonight, UK firefighters will strike for 48 hours in a pay dispute. Keep them unused fireworks in the box. And this is just the start..


16 Responses to “First Strike”

  1. Stephen

    How the hell are they gona cope if Bin Laden flies a plane into Canary Wharf or something?

    MENTALISTS as you would say Guy.

    No doubt the papers will be running stories over the next few days of ordinary citizens who have suffered the consequences.

  2. Guy

    Yep, let’s hope we’re not the victims. I feel for all the poor sods living in the violent council estates where every night fire brigades are called out to put out a burning car or house. The kids will take advantage and go mental I’m sure. Thank god I don’t live like that.

  3. Narin

    The theory is if Bin Laden tries something the firefighters would move from the picket lines to save them… Of course you can bet there’ll be lots of bickering ‘no, it’s not a serious incident, let’s not bother etc’…

    And are you casting aspersions on reporters looking for easy and cheap stories there Stephen? 😉

    In Rugby we’ve already got a good story – I have just had a thrilling morning chasing the MOD to confirm that our Green Goddess broke down on practice manouevres last night. Bodes well then…!


  4. Guy

    From Guardian Unlimited:

    Firefighters’ union leader Andy Gilchrist today suggested that strikers would cross picket lines to deal with an emergency during the 48-hour walkout which starts tonight.

    Mr Gilchrist, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), was meeting senior government officials to discuss contingency plans for dealing with the strike by up to 50,000 firefighters from 6pm this evening.

    He said firefighters were “humanitarians” and would offer any help to their fellow citizens. Asked whether that meant they would leave picket lines to help deal with an emergency, Mr Gilchrist replied: “There is every possibility that that is what they would do.”

    Read the full story..

    Well, we’ll just have to see about that. Yes, Green Goddess indeed! I’m gonna get the tinned fruit in tonight.

    Narin, Has the angry monster returned yet?

  5. Guy

    Oops, link didn’t work. Here it is:,12536,839120,00.html

  6. Narin

    Angry monster is indeed back and terrorising the office.

    And he showed me your complimentary note about the changes to our site (heh!), whilst sagely nodding and saying ‘Ah yes, Guy Carberry, he was before your time, used to work in New Media…’

    Little does he know 😉

  7. Narin

    P.S. Did you see btw, Andy Gilchrist has just gone into a meeting with John Prescott? (according to the Beeb breaking news, no link to story yet). Am very frightened that they will call the strike off again when it’s our big front page story!

  8. Narin

    P.S. Did you see btw, Andy Gilchrist has just gone into a meeting with John Prescott? (according to the Beeb breaking news, no link to story yet). Am very frightened that they will call the strike off again when it’s our big front page story!

  9. Narin

    P.S. Did you see btw, Andy Gilchrist has just gone into a meeting with John Prescott? (according to the Beeb breaking news, no link to story yet). Am very frightened that they will call the strike off again when it’s our big front page story!

  10. Guy

    I doubt Prescott will do anything – he’s a stubborn git. I doubt anybody would be giving in to a 40% payrise. You give the firefighters 40% but you give the nurses nothing? Hmmm..

    Narin, I see you posted the message 3 times. I see the problem. You only need to click the ‘post’ button once. It’ll get here eventually. But the number of comments wont change on the main page until you refresh that page. I’m working on a fix for that. Watch this space.

    Feel free to show the site to Peter. I’m sure he’ll find it fascinating 😉

  11. Narin

    Pete has taken the afternoon off but I shall bring it to his attention duly!

    The multiple post was because when I hit ‘post’ I got a CGI error so I was right-clicking to go back and then trying to re-post. Don’t worry, I can handle hitting refresh where necessary, but feel free to take down the extra posts 😉

  12. Guy

    The CGI error would have happened because another part of the site was being updated at exactly the same time you were posting I expect. Oh well, it’s up there now.


  13. Narin

    Coo. You learn something new every day – I know very little about cgi (except how to shamelessly nick bits of code where necessary!). Still getting to grips with asp in the same way (ie letting you lot do most of the work whilst idly reading the odd tutorial in .net about it and sticking to Dreamweaver as the epitome of lazy design!)

    Still it’s nice to know I’m not the only one mooching away on the net of an afternoon (currently in Wednesday post-deadline lull awaiting thrilling Rugby Borough Council planning meeting – oh the glamour!). One question – have you played your new CD so many times you memorised it, or are you able to play music in your office? I might have to ask Pete… 😉

  14. Guy

    Have you got a website then? What’s the URL? I know bits and bobs of ASP and use it when I need it (the guyweb messageboard uses it) but prefer CGI, PHP or any other stuff that doesn’t involve Microsoft.

    I listen to music all day at work. Being a designer I’m an artistic type you know, gotta be inspired and all that! I’ve work on a PC which has Music Match jukebox on it. Most of my CD collection gets MP3d and put on my work machine. It’s great. When I worked for CCN New Media I also had a similar set up but with itunes and a sparkling G4. Those were the days..

  15. Narin

    Don’t get too excited, I’m definitely an enthusiastic amateur, although thankfully Pete hasn’t caught onto that yet 😉

    I’ve done most of the changes you see to the Rugby Advertiser website, adding new content and redesigning the right hand include etc (all the spangly buttons are Steve’s though – I’ve only recently been introduced to Fireworks and Photoshop, and to be honest am a lot better with words than I am with images anyway!)

    I’m one of those people that has left lots of sites floating in the ether along the way (many of them hideous and with geocities type urls so long that I can’t remember what they are to take them down!). The last site I designed was – which basically was something pretty basic for people on my journalism course at college to write for (and hasn’t been updated since the world cup!). You’ll notice the lack of CSS – that’s something I’ve been getting my head round since! I went from basic html coding to MS Front Page (ick) to Dreamweaver and have pretty much stayed there since with the odd foray into cgi led gently by the hand with .net tutorials. I wish I’d studied it at school/college now – especially looking back at all the obscure subjects I did during my degree which could have been substituted with proper design training (Power and politics in the Middle East 1200-1790 anyone? Hmm, thought not!)

    Basically I’m somewhere in the middle – a journo with above average techie knowledge but a wannabe site designer with too little techie knowledge! Complete net geek though – got my first Saturday job to pay for a Compuserve connection, back in the days when Spry Mosaic was the order of the day, you could only get 400 newsgroups and had to beg CS to increase it if you wanted something more, your user ID was a 14 digit number and it was pretty much your only choice for ISP… Definitely don’t miss that!

    And now we’re *completely* off topic I feel my work here is done 😉

  16. Guy

    Off topic indeed. Nice site. It’s got content and that’s we’re all here for. Too many sites exist that look nice but say nothing. But that’s another discussion..

    For some useful web design related stuff I maintain a web design related blog here: and an old page of links still exists here:

    Keep posting! 🙂