Jane Weidlin’s favourite game

November 14th, 2002

Northern has a highly addictive/frustrating game called Rush Hour on its site. I can’t get past level 8. My ex boss and CCN-North New Media Manager, Peter Smith, can easily pass level 12 every time Unbelievable. Try it for yourself.

What’s the meaning behind the Q Magazine style cryptic title? Answers in comments please.


5 Responses to “Jane Weidlin’s favourite game”

  1. Stephen

    You must be talking about Jane Wiedlin not Weidlin!

    She’s a musician who did a song or album called Rush Hour. She did punk or rock kind of music am I wrong?

    I’m wrong aren’t I…

  2. Guy

    Your spelling is right, mine is wrong. How annoying. Of course, I can change that and nobody would know but, hey, let’s leave in. I before E except after C and all that. I actually copied the spelling from a GO GOs web site, so maybe she does spell it that way. Either way, you’re right. Well done.

    Every now and then I will slip a cryptic headline in. It’s your job to spot them. I will tell you if it’s cryptic by writing (cryptic)at the bottom of the post. Good, eh?

  3. Stephen

    Good thinking.

    You could attach an acronym or abbreviation tag to the word which gives a long description of what it means:

    “Cryptic news title. Solve and post in comments” or something.

    May just be crazy enough to work.

  4. Guy

    Yes, good fellow, you are right. I will do just that. How much fun can we have on a thursday afternoon?

  5. Stephen

    Endless amounts, no less.