Stormy clouds

November 14th, 2002

There’s some nasty weather rattling around these parts. More homes across the UK are yet again without power. At least there’s little risk of fire for them. Apparently Green Goddesses can’t travel any faster than 30mph or they topple over. God I feel safe. It’d be funny but I was watching on Newsnight soldiers trying to extinguish a car fire in Liverpool whilst the estate kids that probably ignited the thing looked on and laughed. And we’ve still got a sprinkling of terrorism to look forward to..


2 Responses to “Stormy clouds”

  1. Narin

    I saw that as well – when they couldn’t get the water out of the GG and then their hoses were too short to reach the fire from the fire hydrant.

    You shouldn’t laugh really, but it was Dad’s Army-esque! You *knew* those little sh*ts set it on fire though. Probably did loads of hoax calls too (Narin gears up for ‘horrible yobs put old people in danger’ type bile!)

  2. Stephen

    I don’t know. The youth of today.

    Bin Laden’s on his way…