Alan Partridge: Episode 2

November 19th, 2002

Last night’s episode of I’m Alan Partridge had me in stitches the whole way through. The bit where he was puking up whilst giving a speech after impaling his foot on a spike was just genius. My faith is restored. Your thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Alan Partridge: Episode 2”

  1. shay

    I think that it did have funny moments, booking the room under the name of the Real IRA made me laugh as well as the spiked foot but it’s no better than an average comedy. If I was a teacher marking this I would say “shows potential but could do better.” Lots not to laugh at. Bring back the office!

  2. Guy

    Well that gets me off the hook this week! Still prefer TLC?

  3. shay

    Yeah, thought that final part when he wakes up with the granny who shites in his bed was very funny!!