How to carve a turkey

November 27th, 2002

Only yesterday was I wondering how some people are really great at preparing the Christmas meal and I’m really crap at it. I’ve just never got my head around carving. The pieces of poultry are either too thin or two fat and that tasty crispy skin always gets pulverised in the process. So how pleased I was this morning to be pointed by Hivelogic to a splendid tutorial on how to carve a turkey. This year I will be a pro and you will all bow down to my magnificence.


4 Responses to “How to carve a turkey”

  1. Narin

    I’ve heard of preparing things in advance, but really… I am actually quite frightened that you’re thinking about how to carve your Turkey already – it’s still only November!

    I’m assuming you’ve got all your pressies bought, wrapped and under the tree already…! 🙂


  2. Guy

    Sure have. Blitzed the shopping on Monday. God I’m prepared!

  3. Narin

    Eeek, you really *are* prepared.

    I haven’t done anything yet and am now feeling really inadequate. I even had a week off last week and although I meant to do some shopping I spent most of my time drunk with friends I hadn’t seen since uni instead (so much more fun!)

    Hence my Christmas gifts this year will be variations on a theme of ‘shops within five minutes of the Advertiser office’. So DVDs and books are fine (WHSmiths) but everything else, err… isn’t.

  4. Guy

    For everything else there’s
    ..or or

    Shop online, avoid queues and reap the rewards.

    More time free to drink beer – Yay!