The joy of breakfast

December 1st, 2002

I rarely eat breakfast during the week. I never seem hungry much before 10am. Seeing as I start work at 9, I’ve been working for at least an hour before the hunger pains kick in. Rather than bringing in a bowl and some cereal, I’ve quite taken to munching on Alpen breakfast bars. The apple and raison with a dried yoghurt base variety are by far the most flavoursome. I also enjoy the equally tasty apple and raison (with a hint of cinnamon) Go Ahead bars.

This is all during the week. During the weekend, I have the weekly luxury of a lie in. When I venture out of bed a tasty fry up of eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, toast and beans is always on the cards. Whilst I do enjoy cooking my own breakfast, it’s far better to have someone do it for you. When I lived in Southampton, I used to enjoy a full English at The Riverside Diner at Bitterne Triangle. Milton Keynes, being Lego Land, has nothing of the sort. So a short trip into Buckingham on Saturday left my tummy feeling fully satisfied and ready to tackle a weekend of house hunting. And what venue provided me with the most amazing tasty breakfast that prompted this post? None other than the 24 hour Buckingham Tesco. Yes, not the most obvious eatery but, by jove, for £2.50 you really can’t go wrong. We will be moving to Buckingham within the next six months. Of this much, I am sure.

Whilst I can’t eat cereal during the morning, I can eat bowls of the stuff at night. Why is this? I do not know. Own brand cornflakes with a little semi skimmed milk before bed really sets me up nicely. Never been too keen on Kellogs corn flakes myself. In fact, the Happy Shopper variety was always my favourite. Alas, I can no longer find them but if you find anything similar (the flakes are much bigger and thicker than Kelloggs and the flavour is much more lasting) please let me know.


3 Responses to “The joy of breakfast”

  1. James Herbert

    I am a long-time fan of H/S cornflakes. Kelloggs or any other were never in the same league, although before I discovered the HS brand there was a Sunblest (I think) brand stocked by Asda and Sainsbury’s that from the quality were obviously of the same manufacturer- but they stopped selling them. I know this is anorak stuff but I can’t understand why anybody can eat Kellogg’s cornflakes. There is just no comparison. I was buying HS cornflakes from my local Happy Shopper until recently but they tell me that their wholesaler has ‘de-listed’ them. The HS shop must think I am a very sad person – but they didn’t mind me buying 5 packs a month every month from them. Now I have the aim of finding out if HS cornflakes exist in another form. I suppose finding the original manufacturer is the first step. Any clues?

  2. Guy

    No idea. If you ever find out, please let me know. Ahh – i can almost taste them now!

  3. jean

    My husband now owns the riverside diner and ran it for many years before that i found your letter by fluke whilst looking at the history of the triangle and i am so happy that our breakfasts are so fondly remembered. if you are ever in the area do please come in and have a breakfast on us.