Christmas beer and bowling

December 4th, 2002

Had the annual Christmas party last night: Beer, bowling and a banquet at the Milton Keynes Snowdome. I had trouble getting treble figures on either game. But my fascination with the machine that resets the pins led me delve into How Stuff Works to become enlightened.

I paid for my portion of a meal using a cheque! Yes a cheque, haven’t written one of those in a while. I’m so used to whipping out the plastic for a swipe that it took me two attempts to correctly fill out this simple piece of paper. Since leaving school, my handwriting has badly gone to pot. The most handwriting I do these days is my signature. Of course, there are meetings at work but my notes nearly always consist of random doodles of monsters and moustachioed men cycling penny farthings.


7 Responses to “Christmas beer and bowling”

  1. Shay

    Very interesting! An insight into your psyche zere I feel, very interesting. The monsters I believe represent ze inhabitants of Milton Keynes, you feel as zo you are surrounded by zem in the dark, souless city, a feeling you last had as a child when you vere afraid of ze bogeyman. Ze Penny farzing riders harks to your need to be dominated by victorian men, zis is a very sexual doodle and points to a hidden fantasy vere in you are a pennyless street urchin relying on ze kindness of a man vis a moustache. You also vant to sleep viz your mother…..I say zat to everyone of course!

    Pay my secretary as you leave herr Carberry.


  2. Guy

    You just might be right. I also draw the following things when bored: Men in suits wearing either bowler or top hats carrying brief cases and umbrellas; old men with tiny dogs with pieces of string as a leash; matchstick men standing on the head of blubbery monsters whilst poking them in the eyes, ears and nose; robotic people with screws as fingers. I’ll post some pics up here soon.

  3. Shay

    Why does it say two comments (I presume it will now say three) and yet I can only see my post?

  4. shay

    How come it says two comments (presumably now three) yet I can only see my original post??

  5. Shay

    Nevermind, that seems to have done the trick, look forward to seeing those pics for further analysis. I’m off to London tonight for C&W employee disco at Po Na Na in Shepherds bush.
    Are you and Helen coming out on Friday to MK with all her work mates etc?

  6. Guy

    You what? Has she got a party on Friday? Never told me! We’re off to Southampton friday night, so, no.

    Have fun at Po Nah Nahs. We went there for “School Disco” and this happened:

    ! It’s a crazy world.

  7. Shay

    have to post this to see your message!