The Great Reality TV swindle

December 4th, 2002

Last night I watched “The Great Reality TV swindle” on Channel Four. A mental case in his mid-20s managed to trick 30 people into believing they would make a £100,000 in a year on his TV show that didn’t actually exist. The contestants gave up their jobs, homes and family for this complete load of toss. If you didn’t see it, make sure you catch the repeat.


4 Responses to “The Great Reality TV swindle”


    Why are people feeling so sorry for the contestents?

    Either they were too obsessed with wanting to get on television or were too stupid not to realise that anyone who calls themself Nikita Russian is likely to be a bit of a twat.

    And why was it a swindle? This implies that he made a lot of money out of it. At least he inadvertently got them on television – which is half of what they wanted.

    it’s hard to believe this wasn’t a satire. It’s almost Monty Python

  2. Guy

    Strange that you should comment on this six months after the event Carrick? Why did you surf on into this post? Just out of curiousity?

  3. carrick

    I know, I’m a bit late with the comment. It was repeated on Channel 4 last week. And I was so sceptical it wasn’t a satire that I came on the net to find out if anyone had remarked on it. Which led me to your nicely designed site.

  4. Guy

    Thanks for the complement, Carrick. Yep, not a satire. That mentalist really did do what he did!