December 6th, 2002

The GuyWeb messageboard was spammed for the first time today by some Geezer called Edward. Usual stupid get rich quick scheme that nobody will ever bother with. So, my site is a target, oh well, nevermind. Make sure you abide by the following rules to avoid junk coming your way from this site:

1. The Message board – This is very basic and built by me. Do NOT enter your email address if you are worried about receiving unwanted spam.

2. Commenting on posts – This is more secure as your email address is encrypted so spammers can’t get at it. Feel free to enter your email address on posts.

If you’re still not sure, then simply write your email address in another way that robots don’t understand: guy a.t guyweb d.o.t co d.o.t u.k or something similar. This will ensure robots are thrown off the scent.

Annoying though spam is, it aint going away. Have a nice weekend.