Give Dermot a chance

December 9th, 2002

Dermot O’Leary, host of E4’s ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother is just about the best presenter of British TV right now. He’s funny, informed, cares about his job and would make an excellent replacement for Angus Deyton on Have I Got News for You. Why has he not been considered? It’s about time this amusing Essex lad got a break into the mainstream. Discuss.


5 Responses to “Give Dermot a chance”

  1. narin

    Dermot for HIGNFY? Nahh. Good bloke, very funny but somehow I don’t think he’d fit.

    My personal choice would be Andrew Marr, although Boris Johnson a few weeks ago was *excellent* and damn (unintentionally) funny, although I think it’d get boring week in week out.

  2. Guy

    John Sergeant is my fave out of the shortlist. He’s always been a thoroughly amusing chap. Getting handbagged by Maggie was just classic!

    But, Dermot needs a mainstream break. He’s wasted on E4.

  3. Shay

    I do think Dermot should be on more primetime tv slots but agree he would be the wrong choice for HIGNFY. He’s more of a totp kinda guy, maybe doing a spin off type show where we get to meet a few guests etc. Hang on, he did that, wasn’t it Re:Covered or something, modern day acts doing a cover of old songs live? A more mainstream Jools Holland type affair?

    How about Will Self for HIGNFY?

  4. Narin

    IMHO the problem with Will Self – and Stephen Fry who is another proposed host who I think is quite good – is that he is almost *too big* a character and too well known a personality.

    The same with Clive James (who I’ve never really warmed to – although I suppose if you wanted to replace a smug middle class English bloke with a smug middle class Antipodean you could do worse…!)

    And anyway, Andrew Marr in stockings for children in need – do we need another reason why he should get HIGNFY?!

  5. Guy

    I’d quite like to see Jeremy Vine up there. He’s a funny chap. I’m looking forward to his new Radio show. I wonder if he’ll be able to get any of his beloved Joy Division onto the playlist?