There is a light that never goes out*

December 10th, 2002

I got about two hours sleep last night. Total. I largely attribute this to my evening meal that consisted of Chinese food from Safeway including half a crispy duck. After polishing off this value-for-money treat, I was literally bursting at the seams. Four hours later, things were still digesting, my throat was dry and no amount of water could quench my thirst. It was like having a full-fat Friday Kebab from Marmaris (in Southampton). So at 2am I got up for yet another pint of water. It was at this point I started to suspect that other means were adding to my insomnia. For there is a light outside my bedroom window that illuminates our end of our four-house cul-de-sac. Last night it was enjoying be extremely bright and then really dim at frequent occasions during the night. Being a light sleeper at the best of times, this was a right pain in the backside.

So I tried to sleep, having guzzled yet another pint only to find my brain mentally composing this story for the pure fact that I could use the title of the quality *Smiths song with the video that sees Morrisey and crew cycling around Salford with their geeky 80s mates. At this point I slept. Two hours later, here I am. I’m tired and will be all day. I feel for David Baddiel, my last night is his every night.


5 Responses to “There is a light that never goes out*”

  1. Narin

    There is obviously some freaky parallel universe thing going on here as I too last night was insomniac after supermarket crispy duck and pancakes (Sainsburys – the hoi sin was a bit sickly) and ended up watching the entire first season of the office on DVD for something to do after TV got rubbish (ie after Alan Partridge!).

    Also, bizarrely, I think I’ve been to Marmaris in Southampton (actually I’ve been to Marmaris in Turkey too), kebab shop in St Denys, no? Nice blokes, and very generous with that pickled chilli… My personal fave Turkish eaterie there now is in Portswood though (along with my all time favourite curry house).

    Hmm, small world!

  2. Guy

    Arrrrgggghhh! Mental! Weird! Yes, St Denys is from where I hail. Marmaris is my local Kebab house. All time favourite Curry House? Hmm, I wonder which one? Mine is the one in Bitterne Park – Bitterne Balti.

    Now, this is totally weird. A wind up surely? How come you know St Denys/Portswood so well?

  3. Narin

    Hmm, don’t be too freaked out – my boyfriend of five years hails from Lordswood and I have spent a lot of time hanging out in Soton.

    My curry house of choice is the Koh-i-Noor (sp?) in Portswood High Street which has the best food, complementary liqueurs and up until very recently a Turkish bar person – rates it high in my book!

    Not sure where the Bitterne Balti is, though we’ll be heading back to see Alan’s parents for a few days after Christmas so I might suggest we seek it out! It’s quite sad when we do go back though cos we always go to the lovely Portswood High Street Turkish restaurant for one meal (no good Turkish food in Rugby/Cov and I have to get my fix somehow) and the Kohinoor for another. And the Alexandra Arms and Square Balloon in the town centre for beer. Creatures of habit indeed…

  4. Guy

    For Beer, I would suggest the “SO BAR” in Bevois Valley – nicely furbed and great toons. I also rate The Varsity and the latest incarnation of The Goose and Granite – 70s funky pub. The Giddy Bridge is also good if you want a conversation.

    After all that crazy drinking, pop into the Kazbar on St. Mary’s Street for the fiercest chili sauce ever!

  5. Narin

    I have been known to frequent the Varsity before (in fact the last time I got hideously (ie even worse than the Awards) drunk was in there. All the others are new to me though so I’ll have to watch out for them when I’m next down. I went to a lovely real ale pub round the back of Portswood somewhere too, although the name of it escapes me.