December 16th, 2002

Apologies for not updating in a while. I’m absolutely snowed under at work in the lead up to Christmas. This leaves me with precious little time to write. For this, I’m sorry. Don’t desert me.

A brief update: Our house is on the market. Yes it’s an unusual time to try and sell your house over Christmas, but, sod it – we want to move. A family came to look around our house yesterday under the illusion that it was forty grand less that we were advertising it at. The Estate Agent’s screwed up big time. £40,000 cheaper? Yes please – bargain. People will be scrambling over themselves to buy the place. The people were amazingly surprised at how nice our house was for the money. Absolutely no structural work needed. “What’s the area like?” – cos that’s gotta be why it’s so cheep. Great schools, great neighbours. You know the score. “And you’re asking £97,000 you say?” Whhhhaaaattttt?

The insane thing was – these deluded prats were still going to haggle over the price!

And today we looked at the papers to find that house prices will fall by 30% over the next three years. Well, we’ll be happily settled in our new life away from Milton Keynes by then and happy to ride it out. So there.

Normal service will resume soon.