CD scratching

January 6th, 2003

I never really believed that the label side of a CD is the weakest bit. Until today. I took to scraping the label side off the top of a recordable CD today. It took five minutes. The CD is now completely see-through and no longer works as a CD. Try it with a dud CD one time – they are soooo weak. Always place your CDs label side up when leaving them lying around. Scratches to the plastic do not harm as much as scratches to the label. You learn cool stuff everyday huh? How CDs work.


4 Responses to “CD scratching”

  1. Shay

    Can I suggest trying this on a Gareth Gates CD? Or how about one of those Popstar Rivals? Or the cheeky girls? So many CD’s to scratch, so little time…

    Very pleased to have got David Gray, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Coldplay albums for Christmas. Now if anyone tries to scratch those I will be annoyed. Also like to report that I successfully bought a PS2 game on CDWOW and it wasn’t in Japanese or anything so I think I will be making further game purchases there, made a saving of about £8, thus saving roughly the amount needed to buy a CD from that site, which I did (Aimee Mann, Lost in Space, excellent), which in turn saved me about £4-5. This is roughly the cost of a couple of pints of lager, so I bought some, drank it and it was very nice. Now you can’t beat Free beer and a cd!!

  2. Guy

    Once you have scratched all those Gareth Gates CDs, you could use them as coasters to put your beer on!

  3. S

    again, please ignore this comment.

  4. Guy

    Seamus has a peculiar problem with his browser. He has to post to see comments! Anybody else have this or is it just his funny way?