Greetings Earthlings

January 10th, 2003

My humble little personal site seems to be attracting more and more people. It sort of makes sense as it’s heavy on text that’ll bring the Google results. Now, I’m just wondering how many regular readers come to this site? There’s a few I know about (Mike, Shay, Deans, Narin, Stephen etc) but who else is along for the ride? Please leave a comment and let me know.

There’s a few geeky issues about this site that you might like to know about:

If you are using Netscape 4 and below/Internet Explorer 3 and below then you will not see the site’s design. This is because I’m yet to develop a style sheet for your browsers. The content, however, is available to everyone. I guess if you’re using NS4 then you’ll think this site looks pretty shitty. Then again, to a lot of users without that particular browser the site probably looks pretty shitty too.

The site does not accept advertising in any format so please do not send me any requests for prices for banner positions, popups etc. This is a personal site, built for fun, not profit. If I find a site and like it, then I link to it – nuff said.

This site is organic. It has no real plan or order behind it and very little thought was put into the design. Over the next couple of months I’ll be thinking about the order of things and trying to gauge from feedback what should and shouldn’t be on here. I may create a questionnaire.

I am no expert, know relatively little and, to a great extent, blag my way through things. I also can’t spell for toffee. Luckily I have two great proof readers: Mike and Stephen who point out every time I spell ‘Lose’ incorrectly.

This site is nothing new or novel. The idea of a ‘blog’ site has been around for yonks. Anybody can do it. Everybody should do it. Shay has just started doing it.


4 Responses to “Greetings Earthlings”

  1. Sophie

    guy,you said to leave a message so here it is.regularly check your website to see how you and helen are doing as now you no longer work with stephen,i dont see you.hope everything with the house goes well and as you want it.oh yehy,one more thing,i honestly do NOT find this site ‘mind-numbingly boring’!

  2. Sophie

    sorry….that should have been : ‘wrist openingly boring’

  3. Guy

    Well, that’s good. I thought i’d delete the whole thing yesterday after Mr. Harry’s comment. Honestly.

    Good to know you’re popping by. We’ll all have to meet up for a curry sometime!

  4. Sophie

    lol!! yeh we will but i’ll leave all that up to you and stephen to sort out and then just turn up!sounds good