Pondering the design #1

January 13th, 2003

I’ve been thinking about the grand tidy up of this site. Looking at the top of the page, there’s a menu containing links to the Home Page, Guy, Helen Message Board and Search. This menu flows through most of the site whilst the items on the right only occur on the home page. Why did I do this? Originally it was because this site was supposed to feature both Helen and myself but ‘blood’ and ‘stone’ spring to mind when attempting to get Helen to do anything. So, I think she shall become a silent partner and I’ll get rid of the ‘Guy’ and ‘Helen’ links from the main bar. This leaves a link to the Home Page, Message Board and Search.

The ‘Message Board’ is being used less and less because people can add their comments to individual posts on the site. It’s no longer the main source of interaction. So, this link should be relegated to reflect this fact. This leaves the home page link and search. These are two extremely useful links as they lead to the treasures found within the site. Firstly, the ‘Home’ link takes you to my blog. Often I will deep link within the site to something but never add an item to the menu. So if you don’t catch it there, the chances are you never will, unless you are explicitly searching for said item. The ‘Search’ link is very useful and brings up stuff even I’d forgotten existed. Occasionally, I wonder why we’ve got a link to a search page seeing as the search form is on the home page as it is! So, maybe we’ll lose that link too. This leaves a solitary link to the home page. So maybe I’ll redesign the top part of the site altogether. And yes, I’m well aware that the site has no logo. Anybody want to design me one?


4 Responses to “Pondering the design #1”

  1. Shay

    I thought you were a designer?? Why not ask the lovely Jo if she can come up with something? I was talking to Jason (Cranfield friend) about his web designers, they are twisted pixel and apparently they do alot of contract work for the OU! Do you know them? Maybe they might have an idea….

  2. Guy

    Yes I am a designer but logo design is hard and laborious and requires a lot of patience. I could do it but I’m enjoying playing GTA too much!

    Kim Howells:

    Not content with taking on modern art and rap musicians, culture minister Kim Howells uses an interview in the Independent to criticise the makers of violent video games such as the Grand Theft Auto series. While he does not believe the super-violent games lead to real-life attacks, he resents “the heartlessness that is at the centre of all those kind of games, the kind of joy of shooting innocent bystanders or running them over in the car”.

  3. Guy

    Oh and I’ve never heard of ‘twisted pixel’ – what’s their URL?

  4. Shay

    This is their site

    Jason said that they do the whole package, I seen some of their designs for his site and they were very good.