Stayin’ Alive

January 13th, 2003

Despite the endless cheese during the 80s, The Bee Gees were always exceedingly talented songwriters. Dip into their earlier work before they turned in the Chipmunks (I believe that’s how it was spelt) and you’ll find some real gems: New York Mining Disaster, Run To Me, I started a Joke etc. They’re mostly remembered for the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, a film that was endlessly repeated on VH1 this weekend. This album gave us ‘Stayin’ alive’ , ‘Night Fever’, ‘How Deep is your Love’ amongst others. They’re the most covered band after the Beatles for chrissakes! So the death of Maurice is a very sad thing and I just wonder what will be the next move for Robin and ‘the good looking one’? No doubt a quality tribute program will hit the screens this week – the highlight being the Bee Gees ‘walk out’ of Clive Anderson’s talk show.


One Response to “Stayin’ Alive”

  1. Shay

    It’s a tragedy! Sorry Maurice, couldn’t resist! At least he can say he has left his mark on the world, how many of us will be able to do that when we go to the big disco in the sky? Ji, ji, ji, jiiive talkin’!