January 17th, 2003

For the last couple of months I’ve been maintaining a separate web-design related weblog called ‘funkydung’. The basic idea was that most people who visit this site will not be that interested in the geeky workings of web design related guff. However, I’m a lazy git and can’t bothered to maintain two blogs. So I’m going to migrate the content to this blog and kill off the other one. I sort of figured that some of you might be interested in web design junk even if you’re not a web designer. Just like some of you might like the personal anecdotes even if you don’t know us. It’s all a question of filtering what you like. I’ll probably come up with some way of indicating what category each post is in so you can skip the stuff that aint your bag. All this reorganisation and more when the site moves house (which it is still yet to do, as indeed are we).
So, for the web geeks – currently this site uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It uses absolute positioning but will soon be liquid. It will also make use of Body Ids and even more semantic markup. I may even get around to preparing a basic CSS file for Netscape 4. All this stuff I’m currently doing at work. I just need to find some energy and time to do it here.

Life: I now have my very own Gatekeeper puzzle thanks to the excellent chaps at The Mad Cow Company. Apparently their site is soon to be upgraded so you should all go and buy yourself a lateral thinking puzzle.

Hugh is designing me a logo. He’s superimposed my head onto the body of a spider. (Guy ‘Web’, spider – get it?) It’s kinda scary. It’s a logo and that’s what we’s needing here. All will be revealed when it’s done.

Football: Southampton 0 – 1 Liverpool (I was wrong).