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January 17th, 2003

Take the Guardian Unlimited Morality Quiz and answer questions like this:

You do a sponsored swim for the charity Help The Very Smallest Children, swim 20 lengths and collect £100 from your sponsors. On the way to the charity, you notice that French Connection has the jacket you have always coveted on sale at the bargain price of £99.99. Do you:

Go to the charity and hand over the money – you can get the jacket in Oxfam in a few years

Attack the sponsorship form with a pencil to make it look as if you only got £50, and split the proceeds between HTVSC and FCUK

What do very small children need with £100? Are they bidding for rusks? I don’t think so.

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Yesterday, I went to the dentist to find out what’s going on with me teeth. Apparently, the ‘fourth molar’ that was giving me so much pain a few weeks ago is actually simply a really big third molar. It’s got an extension. This sort of tooth is so rare that the dentist didn’t even know the name for it. Her dental nurse is going to find out for my next appointment in six months. The long and short of it is that they wont be taking the thing out. It’s here to stay. I’ll live with it.

Tomorrow Southampton will beat Liverpool 2-0. We have remained undefeated at our home ground for a long time and things are looking good. We’re up with the best of ’em.

I’ve learned to live with the knowledge that at some point this site will be moved to another server. I don’t know when this will happen. I’ve been three days without adding any real content and today I’m going to start to add stuff again. If the site moves while I’m doing this, fair enough – I’ll be backing up as I go.

Today I will learn to use my graphics tablet.

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January 16, 2003

Still here

We’re still not on the new server yet. I’m holding back with the posts at the moment through fear of losing everything. Maybe I’ll back up new posts as I go and then reload them..

This morning I went to the dentist to see about that ‘fourth’ molar I was on about some time ago. It seems that it isn’t a fourth molar at all, just an incredibly large third one. It’s rare as well. I will reveal all in a later post just as soon as this site finishes moving house.

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January 14, 2003


GuyWeb is moving servers. This might be sometime today. I’ve no idea when or if the site will be down for any period of time. Domain Domain (my host) have said that the new servers will be much faster and better all round etc – so it may be a good thing. So, just in case you lose us for a while – don’t worry, we’ll be back.

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