Hacker’s delight

January 23rd, 2003

Stephen’s website got hacked
today. Whoever it was put the word ‘Coooooooolllllll!!!!!!’ on his site and a link to ‘’ (you might not want to go there!). Anyway, luckily Stephen managed to delete the offending text just as soon as he could access his site. Let it be know that I’m on the same server. If anything weird and out of character appears on here, assume the worst!

The GuyWeb redesign continues in earnest. I think you’ll like it. Be patient. No doubt Shay is itching to update his site, trust me I’m working on it (and this one) which kinda explains the lack of content just lately.

As ever, boogie on over to the message board for human to human interaction.


One Response to “Hacker’s delight”

  1. BombXCooler

    That same thing happened to my site not 2 weeks ago. I managed to trace it back to the user but it was sent from a game bar. I emailed the owner and he noticed a guy using a abnormal program he hadnt seen before im going to stay on top of it. If anything come back from you mail to my safe address from there ill send you a non public address where i may be able to find out who this guy is. -BombXCooler