Still yo yo a go go

January 29th, 2003

Warmth (Web)

Why do I love this design so much? It’s just so warm and inviting… and consigned to the big net dustbin in the sky. Oh well.

Still, Jason seems to have got the whole stereographic image thing down to a tee now, having made a mess of it yesterday.

Ride the C64 (Games)

In honour of the world’s best ever selling computer – the Commodore 64, I have created a shrine. Not much to see right now but, over time, there will be lots. Remember Hunchback, Falcon Patrol and Paratroopers? All can be enjoyed forevermore if you download one of these nifty emulators.

Semantic overload (Web)

I’ve been arguing away over on the Clagnut blog as to whether web designers are going slightly over the top about list usage. I hold the firm belief that if a list occurs in a paragraph i.e – seperated with commas, then it should be left within paragraph tags and not spread between list item tags. What do you think? Follow my thread.

Patience (Site)

Yes the site is still misfiring, yes it sometimes take ages to load (sometimes not at all), all this I know. It annoys me too. It’s out of my hands right now. Things will get better.