The lap of the gods

February 4th, 2003

Our house is sold. We have moved that one step closer to leaving the land of the concrete cows. Our ideal relocation is Buckingham and we’ve got our eye on one particular place that would be ideal for rocking out in. Life being life, is never easy, and we’ve got to raise cash as it’s right up at the top end of our spending ability. Even with my massive web designer’s salary (yeah right) we need the mortgage company to come up with the goods. So, if we can’t get what we want in Buckingham we’re gonna have to look elsewhere.

Nearby Towcester (the place with the racecourse), we can get loads more for the pound. It’s in Northamptonshire which, whilst being Diana’s county, is not as expensive as Buckinghamshire (named after the Queen’s palace right? ;-)). Turvey lives in Northants and he’s a decent sort of chap. Don’t think too much pillaging goes on there. Anyway, we’re off to see a house in Towcester tomorrow eve incase we don’t get our Buckingham pad. So if anybody has anything good/bad to say about Towcester, please let me know.

Site update

Still no CGI access and thus still no content management. Our man in Hostzone, Simon, is apparently on the case.