Do the timewarp

February 6th, 2003

Last night we went to see the Rocky Horror picture show at Milton Keynes theatre. We’d not seen it before but were aware of the reputation that proceeds it. Narrated by non other than Christine and Neil Hamilton with the lead played by Robbie Williams’ mate Jonathan Wilkes, the show had its fair share of z-list celebs to keep us entertained. I came away from it thinking ‘did I really see that’? after some seriously seedy scenes. A smashing evening of scantly-clad debauchery was had by all. I couldn’t tell you what the plot was all about

Site update

Still no content management. Still, we seem to be getting by OK without it. My brother says that my site now looks like a typical blog site. I guess he meant ‘uninspired’ or something. But he still hasn’t delivered the logo to spruce things up.

The last two posts have been hidden for legal reasons. They will return in the next 6-10 weeks.