February 15th, 2003

These days I have to plan well in advance to have a bath. Current time to fill the bath: 75 minutes. We have a limescale problem. We have a ‘mixer’ tap on our bath with one of those push button things in the middle that allows you to transform your bath into a shower via the hose that extends from the tap. In theory this is a great idea. Loads of hotels have this system as do many houses that didn’t originally have power showers installed. We have a power shower. This mixer tap thing is a legacy from the previous owner.

For the last week only the thinnest of trickles comes from the amazing mixing unit. Cold water floods out, hot water trickles. Not being to keen on cold water baths, this bothers me. Not being a plumber, I fear I will have no bath between now and moving house. This saddens me. I’m loath to buy a new mixer tap or to pay a plumber to fix my existing problem seeing as we’re moving soon. Let the new buggers fix it! But something inside me wont let it lie. I had the spanners out this morning, trying to diagnose the problem. What do I know Nothing. I’ve basically concluded that the problem must be a massive build up of limescale that’s stopping the water pass through. I shall keep you informed.