Sunny but cold

February 20th, 2003

Well the good news is that we’ve got CGI back. So it’s only a matter of time until we’ve got Movable Type configured again. This is no mean feat so don’t go holding your breath. Still, I’m feeling fairly positive about this since ole’ Simon is putting his effort into it. The bad news is that the permalinks on the posts for the last month are a complete farce. Due to me overlooking some basic fundamentals, the permalinks aren’t permalinks at all. So I’ve got the added task of putting last month’s data into the MySQL database so that the functionality returns. So no permalink today.

Whilst the semantics of the code behind this blog are pretty good, they’re not as good as Tantek’s. I hope someday I will become as enlightened! I’m experimenting with how I’m going to categorise things so expect a few subtle tweaks in the blog over the next few days.

We will be moving to the relative tranquility of Buckingham by the end of April if luck is in our favour. Our buyer has done a survey on our house and all their red tape resides with our solicitors. We await the result of our own mortgage application which has been agreed in principal. So we should be enjoying a few bevvies in the White Hart this summer.

Having recently completed three new sites and one additional homepage using table less XHTML/CSS, I’m currently working on yet another site entitled ‘The Effective Use of English’ which is a redevelopment of an utterly hideous mid-90s relic. The design is complete at functioning well. Today I am working with a web developer to get three flash activities (placing commas in the right place, correct verbs and complete/incomplete sentences) ready for user testing.