Annoying sport adverts

February 26th, 2003

So, sports fans ignor sponsorship. Well, there’s a surprise. People have developed an ability to tune out advertising because they can recognise it so easily. Football team sponsors are ignored because the plaster their logos all over team kits, wall banners and behind the post-match player interview areas. People just ignor them and focus on what matters – people playing and talking about football (or whatever other sport you like). I was racking my brain after reading the Media Guardian article as to who sponsors Southampton FC. I know it used to be Draper Tools, though it probably isn’t anymore. The truth is that I don’t know and don’t care.

I don’t watch so much rugby or cricket. When I do find myself watching these sports I’m immediately struck by advertsing on the turf itself. This is something we (thankfully) don’t get on football pitches. But in lesser sports like Rugby League you get this advert cut into the grass and done in such a way as to give the optical illusion, when inline with the camera, that it’s standing out of the pitch. These type of ads are really annoying, but I can remember the constant barrage from Lloyds TSB during the six nations. So, they were ‘effectively’ annoying.


4 Responses to “Annoying sport adverts”

  1. Shay

    Indeed. And remember that your new home ground is actually called St Mary’s Friends Providend stadium, named after your sponsors. Leicester play at the Walkers stadium, Bolton play at the Reebok stadium and so on and so forth. I only like advertising if it is clever, subtle and artistic (ie naked chicks). Or downright hilarious. Current favourite is for Lynx, the one with average joe at the bar who starts dancing to some funky music and is soon joined by two honeyz!
    ITV digital (RIP) had the monkey and Johnny Vegas, a winning combination. So advertisers, the key is to include girls, humour, funky music and a monkey to all advertising. That will be £500,000 if any idiot steals my idea.

  2. richard hutchinson


    Thanks for the birthday message – you do talk shite though!!

  3. Jasmine morris

    I think you should have more sporting picture adverts that are colourful and eyecatching.

  4. Jasmine morris

    I think you should have more sporting picture adverts that are colourful and eyecatching.