February 28th, 2003

Helen started her new job this week. She now gets up over an hour before she used to: slightly before the crack of dawn. Being an incredibly light sleeper, I’m well awake before the hairdryer starts buzzing away. I now arrive at work a little after 8am. This isn’t a bad thing at all as in doing so, I avoid the school traffic congestion and manage to get a decent parking space. The Open University is building a new library on one of its old car parks, causing unending chaos to staff who often abandon their cars in the most inventive places. I’ve been getting in early and digging into my work. I work well in the morning. By midday, I’m wasted. One major flaw with my new routine is that I’m not getting to bed any earlier. I’m averaging about five hours a night at the moment. My old pals Ralf and Jacquie are up for the weekend and we’ll be expected to party away into the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning. By Monday I shall surely be dead.