March already?

March 3rd, 2003

Relax, I’m still here. Ralf and Jacqui (I’ve finally got a fix on how to spell that name) turned up on friday night, ready to commence a weekend of heavy drinking and eating. I was grateful for the socialisation as I’d been holed up in a cocoon for the last two weeks, attempting unfeasible projects that required far more brain power than I could muster. So a total mind clearout was on order and it was delivered. I wont make an estimate as to how much we drank this weekend but I can say that, due to the continuous nature of it, I didn’t suffer the usual binge hangover.

Most of Saturday was spent in the White Hart, our favourite Buckingham pub. My penchant for Guinness hasn’t left me since arriving back from Dublin and we sank and fair few glasses of the black stuff before tucking into some full fat deep fried filth. Needless to say, yet another detox is in order.

The result of the homebuyer’s survey plopped onto the doormat this weekend. It’s looking good though we have a number of things to do before exchanging contracts: 1. Get a CORGI gas certificate (Boiler and pipes look dated, apparently), 2. Have drain lids lifted and drainage checked (Due to the property being on a slope), 3. Get quotes to fix the dated roofing over the bay window. So, all in all, nothing massive to worry about. The garage has high readings of damp due to one wall acting as a retainer for the garden and the timber bits and bobs need sanding down and painting. Well that should get me off my lazy arse and away from the computer at least.


One Response to “March already?”

  1. Shay

    So glad to hear that I was not the only person to abuse my body at the weekend. Caffrey’s was my tipple of choice and I do believe I was dancing on tables according to some witnesses!