March 7th, 2003

Apologies for the recent paucity of fascinating and humorous revelations about my life. I hope this token gesture will satiate you thirst for knowledge about a nobody.

As is tradition, I’ve forgotten to post one of my best mates a birthday card. Her birthday is today. Happy birthday, Marie. Another of my best mates, Ralf, shares her birthday but I never send him a card. It’s more acceptable bloke to bloke and generally a pint will suffice. Marie and I have this history: She always buys me a card and a present. I always forget. Last year I sent her a text wishing her a happy birthday a day after the even. How lax is that? Well today I managed to send a text on the actual birthday and got her a mention in this blog. That’s a 100% improvement surely?

On the house front, we had the survey back on the property we want to buy in Buckingham. It was built in the late 1970s and all the problems relating to the age of the building and current building regs non-conformance were present. Nothing enough to put us off buying the place though. The survey advises us of the following things: Get a Corgi gas certificate for the boiler, check for a clear run in the drainage, check the exact boundaries of the shared drive, get a quote for maintenance of the roof above the bay window, destroy the random shed. So, gas, yes – that’s important. We’ll do something about that. British Gas are doing a nice deal on home maintenance peace of mind. Basically all your gas central heating, plumbing and electrics are insured buy them for a poultry £21 a month. After initial inspection, if anything goes wrong in the home, they’ll send somebody out to fix it for free. Now that, my son, is well worth it. No more dodgy plumbers or electricians thank you very much. Not that you can find one these days.

Not a great deal of humour or fascinating insight there was there? Well moving home isn’t the most funny of things to do. I’m rather sedate at the moment with no real anger or frustration to vent. Give me two weeks that’s all I ask.