Celebrities who can’t sing

March 10th, 2003

An article in The Sun reports that Sonia fled back to the UK after being voted one of the worst performers on Reborn in the USA (presented by the ever-present and hideously annoying Davina McCall). I watched the pitiful performance on Saturday night and winced with pain as the redhead crucified ‘The greatest love of all’ (already a particularly shite song). She simply cannot sing: she was totally out of tune, putting way too much emotion into the song and sounding like a bad karaoke singer. At least Jo Brand and Ruby Wax make no claims of being great singers. Both, along with Ulrika Johnson and a number of others are taking part in the Comic Relief special of Fame Academy. The black male paramedic out of Casualty is currently under some illusion that he’s a great soul singer. Along with Jambo from Hollyoaks, he prays nightly to God for help in winning the competition. Both seem to forget that it’s all for charity mate. Still, if there’s got to be a winner, I’ll plump for Cold Feet’s John Thompson who, whilst not being a great singer, doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously. Now looking forward to David Brent getting involved with Comic Relief for real. I bet that’s another dream come true for Ricky Gervias.

Southampton’s FA cup success continues apace after thrashing Wolves 2-0.


3 Responses to “Celebrities who can’t sing”

  1. Shay

    So you face Watford in the semis? you have to be pleased with that. As my brother in law (Matthew)is a Watford fan I shall take greater interest in this cup tie….

  2. Stephen

    I saw that crap last night or whenever it was… what was Ruby Wax’s performance all about?? She wouldn’t get off her knees at the end for fear of her breasts falling out!

    What a state.

  3. Guy

    Watford! Indeed, it’s gonna be a blinding match that we will easily win. Then we will be needing a small miracle for the final. Ahh, but maybe our joyous 1976 victory will happen all over again.

    Ruby Wax – a mentalist. A very strange mentalist. Did Paul McKenna do something do her. I think he did. He certainly put a strange smile on Ulrika’s face.