Looking weird

March 12th, 2003

Yep, the site is looking weird. This is intentional. I’m trying to sort out Stephen’s IE5(mac) issues. Please igore the weirdness. Normality will resume shortly.

#UPDATE: 13:30 #
OK, the problem seems to be sorted on IE5(mac) as Stephen is no longer reporting problems. For those that care, it was sorted by removing the dotted border from the inner DIV of the second column and putting it on the outer DIV. Then the 19px of padding from the innder DIV was set to zero and 19px was set to the inner DIV margin instead. The second column has a width of 220px. It also has a border of 1px. In IE5 this border is added to the width giving a total of 221px. In other browsers, this 1px is included and thus the actual content area is 119px.

Crazy crazy implementations that I fear may have a knock on effect for people like Seamus, whose PC IE5 browser may start not coping again. Hey ho. Expect more of this later. Everybody using IE6/Moz 1 etc will have no idea what I’m talking about.

All this weirdness in pictures. Go go go!