Moving home update

March 12th, 2003

We’re one step closer to moving today as the contracts have arrived from our solicitor for approval. We had the removal company round this afternoon to size up our house. Nothing there to give them any hassle: no piano, no safe, no elephants etc. They don’t move living pets – so we have to take care of the enormous logistical task that is moving a fish tank. We did it before and we’ll do it again. They’re fine with dead pets so my collection of dead moths will remain intact.

Shay still thinks that hiring a van would be a better and cheaper idea. I’m yet to be entirely convinced as I’ve been quoted around £150 – £200 for 24 hours of usage. About a 50% saving on the cost of the removal men and their lorry. However, the removal men have the benefit of experience and big boxes for us to pack stuff into. I’ll let you know the outcome ‘cos you’re all probably dead excited arn’t you?

Brother Hugh has come to stay and has brought with him, a shiny new Apple Emac 17″. It is a thing of true beauty and is proving to be a smashing focal point in our living room.


2 Responses to “Moving home update”

  1. Stephen

    Speaking of macs, have you seen that advert with mini me where he’s got a great big laptop on a plane with that huge guy with a small laptop?

    Who is the huge guy? The tallest man in the world or something?

  2. Guy

    He’s a very big bloke yes. I really don’t like Apple adverts. In fact, most American computer adverts are pretty cheesy.

    The only Mac advert i’ve ever liked was the one for the original Imac that featured ‘she’s a rainbow’ by the rolling stones. That was great.

    “She comes in colours everywhere..”