Wishin’ and hopin’

March 14th, 2003

My Amazon Wish List is available for you to buy me things or just get a good feel for the randomness of my taste. Weird that I should post this up now when my birthday is not until November and Christmas in even further down the line..

Last night, Smarmy Kwame was voted of celebrity fame academy. When asked how he felt about it his response was: “I feel only love”. Back to the casualty paramedic bit part then…

Today is Comic Relief. David Brent is in heaven. My hair is still brown.


8 Responses to “Wishin’ and hopin’”

  1. narin


    I am quite frightened by our similar taste in (non techie) books as I have all but one of the books on your list (yes even the Star Trek one).

    IMHO I wouldn’t bother getting Give Me Ten Seconds though, I found John Seargeant quite pompous. Funnily enough I’m currently reading Kate Adie’s book which I didn’t buy because I thought *she’d* be pompous, but she actually comes across quite well.

    Also, there’s a new Louis Theroux DVD out (with the fantastic Hamiltons ep and the wrestling one where they train him so hard he vomits). Is it oversight this isn’t on your list or do you have it already?


  2. Guy

    To be honest, the list needs a little updating. A lot of the stuff on it, I now own. I wish that when you buy an item from Amazon, It would take it off the wish list.

    Anyway, I bought the John Seargeant book a while back because of ‘that’ incident with Maggie Thatcher. I’d also seen him on a couple of things like Room 101 and Have I got News for You. I always found hime quite entertaining. The book wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for and I’m yet to get past chapter three. This is largely due to having recently received the Hitch Hikers Guide trilogy (in five parts!). Started book two last week. I read all of them except ‘mostly harmless’ in my youth. The subtle humour is now being fully appreciated.

    This christmas, whilst watching ‘test the nation’ I was suddenly struck by how much John Seargeant looks like Jo Brand (he was in the ‘celebrity’ panel.) I’d have continued to have thought that Jo Brand was John in drag but then i saw that Jo Brand was in the same panel. Weird. It’s uncanny though, their gestures, mannerisms, slow speech – it’s identical.

    I think I’d definitely enjoy Kate Adie’s book. Especially since she nearly got herself fired a couple of months back. I hear the ole’ BBC ‘royal correspondent’ in doing the off. And not before time too.

    Louis Theroux – got the first VHS collection of weird weekends. Didn’t know about the recent DVD. This will be bought. Is the Jimmy Saville thing on there. That was one of the best. Oh, and then there was Eubank’s utter weirdness. Yes, If they’re on there – I shall buy.

    Excuse the complete lack of proof-reading on this post. Good to hear from you again.

  3. narin

    Jo Brand is way cooler than John Sergeant (particularly on Celeb Fame Academy when she went up in my estimation!) although I can see the connection.

    Bookwise, the Margaret Thatcher anecdote is probably the best thing in it (which is a shame as it’s in about the first chapter!) so don’t hurry back to it. Kate Adie is worth a try if you’re into books about journos – I went to a debate in Warwick about war reporting where she spoke and she came across as fab, although she kept doing ‘but then I’m just a dumb blonde’ type self depreciating stuff which got a bit annoying. Don’t think I’ll be buying Jennie Bond’s book, although I read an interview with her where basically for the last eight years she had to carry a pager with her at all times in case the Queen Mum carked it, meaning she couldn’t really have any time off because she had to make sure she was compos mentis for any possible tribute show!

    As for Louis, Jimmy Saville is on the DVD of the first Weird Weekends (the orange one) as a DVD bonus. Very funny. The second one has the Hamiltons, wrestling, south africa, swingers and one other that I can’t remember (but wasn’t that good!). No Chris Eubank, and the Hamiltons ep and a commentary with them and LT counts as a DVD bonus (another reason to stick with DVD!). Worth it for the ‘I’m not a journalist Christine, I’m a friend’ line..!

    I might not have posted for a bit, but rest assured (or should that ‘be afraid’?) I’m always lurking… And have become obsessed with Little.Yellow.Different and Puppetmaster 2 which is a blogging big brother type thing also run by the lovely Ernie. It’s an incestuous web you weave…!

  4. Guy

    I completely missed the puppetmaster thing. Doh! Maybe I’ll catch it next time around.

  5. Guy

    So, Narin, when are you going to start writing your own blog then?


  6. narin

    Gah! That’s very frightening indeed as I was just this minute looking at to see how I could go about doing it. You’re quite a frightening man!

    Am pondering whether I have time to do it but am seriously considering it – one of my new year’s resolutions was to write a novel, but since I haven’t written so much as an extended shopping list yet (and it’s mid march, oops!) I thought it might kick me up the arse a bit and get me writing out of work. Although, it might just mean I end up putting my shopping list online.

    On a completely different topic, I’ve decided I dislike Comic Relief wacky funsters. I have had a whole afternoon of talking to stroppy people annoyed because we aren’t sending photographers out to document their generosity to charidee. Bet the gits wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t expect some free advertising. Never mind, the working day is nearly over and then we can go home and laugh as Gareth Gates fails his driving test (we can but hope). If he passes I swear I’m going to book my test now, because if he can anyone can!

  7. Guy

    Blogger is the way forward if you haven’t got your own server. Now that they’re owned by Google, you should get some pretty spiffing technology. Shopping lists are ver revealing items. A shopping list blog would give people a very personal insight into your life!

    Comic relief has cost me a few quid today. Everywhere I move within this place somebody is making me dig into my pocket. I had a text from my mate Harry at lunchtime that reads: “Comic relief is starting to piss me off.” And I am starting to agree.

    As well as celebrity driving school, we also get to see that yankie loudmouth win celebrity fame academy with zero musical talent. I’m looking forward to the Lenny Henry as Michael Jackson item!

  8. narin

    Hmm, a shopping list blog you might have something there… except I spend my life hiding DVDs and CDs that I buy from my boyfriend, (or – second best – saying ‘oh I picked it up on Ebay for a fiver!) so blogging about them might give the game away!

    CR wise I am looking forward to some David Brent (it’s been too long – when is the Office Season 2 coming out anyway?) and (fingers crossed) watching Gail in her watery grave. In the words of mirror columnist Jim Shelley (my hero and he loves 24 – always a sign of class) KIIILLLLLLLLLL GAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLL!

    Hmm, having lurked for ages I have been posting today like it’s going out of style. I shall switch off my PC now until Sunday night (off to London tomorrow – yay!).

    …One last look at Puppetmaster before I go – who knew the contents of someone’s bathroom cabinet could be so interesting?!