Final Cold Feet

March 17th, 2003

I was going to write something great about the final episode of Cold Feet. How it was both funny and moving and how poignant the ending was. Why? Because I honestly really enjoyed the programme. Yet, whatever I write about it just sounds cheesy and crap. So, apologies for this:

Last night, ITV aired the final ever episode of the award winning Cold Feet. We’ve been hooked on the programme since it started in 1997. What started as a comedy drama had more emphasis on the drama by last night’s bombastic conclusion. It was a shame that they killed off Rachel as a nice fluffy – everybody’s happy ending would have been good. However, the way they handled Rachel’s funeral and her friends grief was spot on. There were the odd comedy moments like when Adam and Rachel’s baby son, Matthew, spilt Rachel’s ashes on the floor and got them on his head. Adam, in typical Adam style said ‘Matthew, leave your mother alone!’. This was topped by Pete knocking over the urn in the pub, spilling further ashes. Needless to say, there werenÂ’t too many left by the time they were scattered. Cold Feet was one of those Sunday night programmes that you just look forward to. I guess Helen and I could identify with the characters as we have friends like them and we live a similar life. We will miss it greatly.

Regarding the move, we’re at the final stage of red tape now – all searches are back and we’ve got a load of paper to sign. I think that if everybody in the chain is cool, we should be moving in the next few weeks. Now we have the daunting task of packing our life into boxes and telling the whole world we’re doing the off.


4 Responses to “Final Cold Feet”

  1. Guy

    Well, look at that. The final episode of Cold Feet smashed the ratings:,7965,916017,00.html

  2. Me


    I came across your site when looking for a review of the last episode of my fav. tv show cold feet. I dont know if u can help me what is the song they play when scatering rachels ashes? I think it is cold play but im not sure…

    all the way from australia!

  3. Guy

    Hi ‘Me’. Can’t remember the song played in the episode. However, if it is Coldplay then i expect it was ‘The Scientist’. A sound clip of the track is available on

  4. Beth

    I was wondering, does anyone know the name of the song they played while it showed Rachel’s freinds getting ready for her funeral? Some of the lyrics were “I look inot the night what do I see? I see your smiling face in the moonlit sky, and I know that you’ll wait, wait for me”

    Anyone know? I love this song and would love to get a copy of it