Doom and gloom

March 18th, 2003

The Southampton murdered teenager was strangled. The labour party is in pieces. 48 hours to war. And the world is cleansing itself from the pesky human race.

Yet we still managed to find time to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with Shay, Richard and Nicola and collected enough Guinness tokens to get a funky Guinness hat.

Intentional (mis)use of grammar. Spelling, as always is my own fault.


2 Responses to “Doom and gloom”

  1. Stephen

    I read that Southampton girl was killed at “random”. There are some twisted people about that want lining up and shot.

    War does indeed loom Mr Carberry! I wonder what would have to happen for Joe public to be called up to fight again?

    Makes a change for America to be starting a war rather than joining it 3 or 4 years late…

  2. Guy

    An interesting thought. There’s no fucking way i’d ever fight in that war. I’d rather go to prison.