Housing Hell p3

March 27th, 2003

Well, we have a problem with our vendor. They’re offering to put £100 (including the £60 for the regs) towards the job. Great, eh? Well there we go. Now we’re going to get some quotes to do the whole job properly and slap them in front of them. If, in the unlikely event that replastering, re-wallpapering comes to under £40 – we will accept their generous offer. If, as we expect, it runs into hundreds of quid, we will offer to knock the equivalent off the price of the house. At this point I expect they will either agree of pull out or pay up. This will leave them with no indemnity and the whole rigmarole to go through again. Our indemnity, however, remains intact. We also will need to find another house to move to. The chain will be destroyed.

Our loss? – £550 for the survey and a couple more hundred for the searches. Quite a lot, yes, but the potential for damage runs into over 200 times that much!

I’m silently hoping that they will sort their self-inflicted mess out.

So that’s where we’re at today. No doubt, more to follow…