Still here

April 1st, 2003

Day 1 of my ‘presentation skills’ course is complete. I now know that although my ‘winging it’ style seems to work, my lack of understanding of what to do with my left arm lets me down. On watching the video playback of my presentation, it would seem that I have adopted that Prince Phillip arm-behind-the-back thing that colonial gents do. Tomorrow I will take a pointer for one hand and an piece of card pretending to be notes for the other. This should keep my limbs in check.

No word on the housing situation except our buyer is now in a position to proceed. Hopefully we shall hear more on our seller tomorrow or Thursday.

I have replaced my Fujifilm finepix A201 with a newer Fujifilm A202 as my camera had a bit of lens damage. It was still in warranty. I made use of this fact. The new camera, sodding thing, takes a different size memory card to the last. Calls itself an ‘xd’ picture card. It’s not compatible with my old smart media. Annoying though this is, i have been reliably informed that the old smary cards were a little on the dodgy side. Anybody else heard of this? Let me know. On visiting the Fuji website, I discover that my newer camera has already been replaced with an even newer one: A203! Crazy.


2 Responses to “Still here”

  1. Tracy


    i have an A203 and its really good. I heard the new cards were better too and figured if they are going to update them then I may as well get in on it too. According to my source, they last a bit longer that the old version memory card.
    Hey who knowS?

  2. Guy

    Yeah, I think i made the right choice. Argos didn’t have the 203 at the time. As far as i can see, the only difference is the optical zoom. A feature it would be good to have, but not critical to what i want to do. Maybe next time the thing buggers up!