Back in black

April 3rd, 2003

It would seem that Mohan is doing the off. It’s a shame. His column in The Sun is one of the few reasons I buy the paper.

Yes I’m back, after two days of gruelling presentation skills training. I made a few new friends along the way and saw how beefy I have become whilst watching back videos of my presentations. BBC’s Diet Trials leads me to think that the Atkins diet could be the one for me. Low carbs, high protein. You don’t have to outlaw meat – yay! However, you have to lose crisps, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Still, I found a site of Atkins recipes that include making a pizza with a meat rather than bread based base. Yum.

Then I found out that this diet also involves missing out on vegetables too. That can’t be healthy. So, I’m going to keep looking or invent my own diet. Off beer again.


4 Responses to “Back in black”

  1. Tracy


  2. Guy

    Why not. You tried it? Slim Fast is actually looking like the favourite option at the moment.

  3. Emily

    Been watching some of those Diet Trials programmes. So, how does this Atkins diet thing work then? – Eat as much fat as you like and get thin?? Am I the only one missing the point here? Scarily it seems to work though, but think of your arteries people!!
    Slim fast- not sure about that one either- seems more healthy but don’t you just get reeeeeeaaaaalllly hungry? – how can those little milkshakes fill you up?
    My teory: nice big roast dinner on Sunday- gym on Monday…!

  4. Guy

    Emily, your theory is pretty good. Exercise is definitely the key. Slim Fast isn’t too bad. I haven’t felt at all hungry on it. However, it is not really scientific enough. I’ve been using a chart to work out my Base Metabolic Rate (BMR). At the moment I can safely only lose 404 calaries from that a day. The slim fast plan means i lose more. In effect, I could lose 4 pounds a week! This is bad news as a lot of that would be muscle wastage. I’m trying to get more exercise, so i need to adjust the calorie intake accordingly.