What colour says about you

April 3rd, 2003

Find out what your favourite colour says about you. Let me know the result.

Mine is blue, so:

“You want a calm life, free from stress and emotional conflict. You are a hard worker and can focus your thoughts on one subject for a long time. You are dependable and opinionated.”

Spot on! My least favourite colour (from the list) is blue green:

“You rebel against discipline; your parent or someone from your past who compelled you to be neat or submissive. You probably feel trapped in some area of your life.”



3 Responses to “What colour says about you”

  1. gem

    my fav colour is pink. obviously too subversive to even go in the article. Least favoutrite would have to be illuminous orange like they have the aa vans in. probably because aa men scare men….. their just not very very very nice men….OK?

  2. Emily

    I got blue too- calm life…. stress free.. IF ONLY!!!
    Least favourite: Brown- Iv’e got some green slippers- does that count?!!

  3. Guy


    I’m glad I’m with the RAC then!


    Slippers: Only if they’re your favourite!