The Exchange

April 9th, 2003

After months of negotiations, we now own our very own Buckingham Palace. We move in next Thursday (the day before Good Friday). On the day that the Iraq regime crumbled.

A day of good news for us and I hear of my good friend Mike’s bad news. Our thoughts are with you mate.

The site was down for a little while this afternoon whilst our host rebooted the server.


4 Responses to “The Exchange”

  1. Stephen

    So now that the ‘regime has crumbled’, what do you think about the war: was it worth it?(I know you were very anti-war a while ago)…

  2. Emily

    congratulations on the new pad peeps! Did you end up getting the one you have photos of on the website?

  3. Guy


    No, the one we have photos of on the site was sold before we could sell our house. It did us a favour in a way as the one we’ve ended up buying is in as better location and is totally detached. So great for parties! Is doesn’t have the eucalyptus wood flooring or a conservatory but time and money will add these features. It does have three double bedrooms though!

    Can you email me your dad’s email address as my Mum’s been asking for it? (g dot d dot carberry at open dot ac dot uk). Have you seen Hugh lately?


    The War is still going on. I’m still anti-war in the killing innocent civilians and bombing cities sense, but definitely pro regime change. However, the biggest problem now is how to restore some sense of law and order into the place. It seems that the soliders are fairly reluctant to do that particular job.

  4. Shay

    I didn’t say anything!! I think you meant to address Mr Turvey. Presume you will be spending the entire weekend packing??