Serious and Organised

April 10th, 2003

Just carried out a little housekeeping on this site. The home page now carries the complete current month’s entries, not just a selection. I think some people were confused by the ‘previous posts’ bit as it also contained the current home page posts as well. That’s a shortcoming of my coding skills I’m afraid. So, I’ve renamed it ‘Archives’. The first item in the list will we the home page and the items below are the previous posts. Hopefully this will help anybody who hasn’t been to the site for a while. The individual posts with comments continue to have the ‘previous/next’ links at the bottom of the comments for your convenience.


2 Responses to “Serious and Organised”

  1. Shay

    Proof reading required, I’ve spotted at least three errors in this entry….now do it again Carberry!!

  2. Guy

    Too tired and lazy today. Maybe tomorrow.